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Oil should be a portion of every sophisticated investors portfolio with current market trends and future predictions of oil demand only increasing.

 An opportunity with Quantum allows one to not only get involved for far less money than much larger oil companies based in Texas, North Dakota, etc. but more of your money is working for you. When one invests with Quantum, there are minimal “layers” of people and expenses that exist. 

You will work and communicate directly with Gregg Gallant and Brad Rusk. You also have access to your investments. All our current oil fields are within a 3-hour drive of Indianapolis. We welcome everyone to come down to drive the oil fields, see how a pump jack actually works, hear the sound and smell of oil as it streams into a storage tank, witness a drilling exploration for new pay zones, and much more.

Quantum’s goal is a Return of Investment of 4-6 years. To date, we have had nearly an 80% success rate with that goal in mind. An investment with Quantum is future of strong returns.

One of the attractive investment advantages of oil investments with Quantum is that on existing production, one will begin receiving a monthly oil revenue check within 60-90 days of the project getting underway.

As indicated, you will likely have 100% of your investment back within 4-6 years or less, BUT the whole time leading up to that, you will be receiving money back that you can invest further or seek other opportunities. Your oil leases will continue to pump away, hopefully for years after you’ve gotten 100% of ROI. 

Every oil reserve varies in size and production output, but that is where Quantum works to exploit oil efficiently and at a low cost to maximize the long-term returns. We minimize every expense related to lifting a barrel of oil, to consequently maximize everyone’s oil revenue.

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