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Berry Area

Originally discovered in 1947 by Ryan and Sharp Berry, this region of land has been continuously pumping oil for nearly seven decades. The first waterflood analysis was completed in 1953 and from there the immense potential of this land and its geological formations was realized.


With over 42 wells scattered across the 375 acres of Indiana field, the Berry lease has proved to be one of the most promising Quantum assets, both looking back on its many years of steady oil flow and optimistically into the future. Despite its decades of oil production, at the time of purchase, our petroleum engineers discovered that over 11 million barrels of oil still rest below the surface of the Berry ground. Currently, secondary recovery methods are being implemented to tap into the vast oil reserves, by transforming multiple wells into water injection pumps. This modern production technique could yield tremendous results, but still only scraping the surface of the ocean of oil that lies beneath.

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