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Our Strategy - Acquisitions

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The majority of the drilling and acquisition opportunities presented to Quantum are declined as they fail to satisfy the standards established in Quantum’s Three-Pronged Evaluation. Only an elite few are selected by the owners and presented to investors. The three qualities required in an expansion opportunity are:

Steady Production:

The oil lease or region of land has to be situated in area of the country that has proven time and time again that oil lies beneath the surface. There are certain risks that an oil company must take, but, before drilling can commence, the predicted production of a well must be ensured.


Inside exploration opportunities:

In the case of an acquisition, there must exist the possibility for expansion and exploration. All operations that Quantum currently runs has undergone a stage of exploration. Modern technologies and methods allow older drilling operations to see immediate results from the implementation of newer technology as exploration in the region commences. Currently producing wells can even be deepened to reach new pay zones in hydrocarbon formations.

Underdeveloped Fields:

Fields that we determine to be underdeveloped or somewhat neglected and require minimal resources to increase production. Measures included in this category are, but are not limited to, implementing secondary recovery steps, clean up or open up a well (acid job, re-perforations or new perforations, fracking, investigating potential “pay zones behind the pipe”, to name a few.

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