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F.L. Beard

The F.L. Beard operation was acquired from the F.L. Beard Service Corporation in 2018. Currently being the largest and newest of the Quantum assets, the F.L. Beard operation spans across 12 leases, 188 wells, and over 5,200 acres of land situated in the well-known Illinois Basin. Since the initial discovery of oil in the basin in 1884, the fields in the region have produced a whopping 4 billion barrels of oil. Though it never received as recognition as other high-producing states, Illinois is among the top up-and-coming producers in crude oil today.


Almost all twelve leases included in this operation are surrounded by currently active wells that are producing within the 100 barrels per day range. These neighboring wells have implemented state-of-the-art technology that the previous owners of F.L. Beard did not have the resources to do them same. Our first mission with the revitalization of this operation will be to do exactly that, incorporating advanced recovery methods and modern-day fracking techniques to drastically increase the operation’s prior crude production rate.

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