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About Quantum Exploration


Gregg M. Gallant

C: (317) 696-5994


Brad Rusk
VP of Operations

C: (317) 513-5616

Quantum Exploration, Quantum XL, and Renaissance Service Corp are all owned and operated by Gregg Gallant and Brad Rusk. All three companies own multiple oil leases in southern Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Gregg and Brad have been involved in the oil industry for a combined 20+ years. Quantum Exploration was formed in 2014 when the Berry lease was acquired, located in Gibson Country of southern Indiana. In 2016, Quantum XL was formed, and additional oil leases were purchased and located in several counties in southern Indiana, Illinois, and, most recently, in Kentucky.


Quantum Exploration, LLC is focused on managing oil producing assets primarily within the Illinois Basin.  The firm has partnered with some of the Midwest’s top experts in the industry on exploration and oil operations to ensure top returns for our investors.  The company’s primary focus is managing proven oil reserves and maximizing the returns through efficient operations and looking to identify new well locations to be drilled within proven reserves.  Focusing on those fields that have been considered mature allows us to reduce the exploration risks while being able to leverage secondary and tertiary technologies to improve production volumes.


We are committed to being environmentally conscious and regulatory responsible.  A well-maintained lease tends to be one that is also operating at maximum efficiency and we strive for both. This means keeping all pumping, collection, and storage systems in good working order and further ensuring our operations are protecting the surrounding environment from any adverse exposure.  In addition, we stay on top of the current regulatory requirements at the local, state and federal levels and ensure our operations are well within the boundaries set forth.

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